András Somogyi

Vice president of human resources of the Bosch Group in Hungary and the Adriatic region

András Somogyi has been working at the Bosch Group since August 2007 and he is the human resources vice president of the Bosch Group in Hungary and the Adria Region since January 2019. He is responsible for the coordination of HR activities in Hungary and also holds country responsibilities in Human Resource Management for Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bulgaria. Since July 2021 he is Managing director of human resources and legal affairs of Robert Bosch Kft.
András Somogyi was born in Bonyhád, Hungary on 6 July 1983. He is married and he has two children. After graduating from high school, he studied business administration at the University of Pécs and earned a degree in 2007. During his university years he received a business administration degree at the University of Göriltz, Germany.