Innovators’ Day


Two innovators, two world-class careers. Robert Bosch and Gedeon Richter were born on the same day and their innovations made the world a better place. To pay tribute to these two influential innovators, Bosch and Richter have created a tradition in 2023: the BoschxRichter Innovators Day.

This year’s conference will focus on Generation Z, with an inspiring venue, exciting roundtable discussions and a double hosting by Szilvia Krizsó and Dávid Miller. The event will also feature a joint Bosch and Richter public opinion survey on the topic, and participants will have the opportunity to visit the Bosch Rexroth CU.BE and Richter Visitor Centre (pre-registration required, the number of visitors is limited,
for registration click here).

Be part of this inspiring event where the past and the future come together to open new paths in the world of innovation!


Wednesday, 25. September 2024


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