Mátyás Pótsa

director of Innovation Ecosystem at Bosch Group in Hungary

After graduating from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Mátyás Pótsa joined the Bosch Budapest Innovation Campus. Since 2014, he has held management positions: first, he was responsible for the establishment and management of the quality assurance group for automotive sensors and control electronics, then, from 2016, he was in charge of the engineering management and technical production support in the area of transmission control electronics, and from 2018 he was the production manager of transmission control units. His strategic goal is to develop higher education in Hungary and to foster effective and mutual cooperation between academia and industry. He is working to create a collaborative environment where the whole of higher education in Hungary can benefit and where actors can shape the future of science and industry together.

The vision of the innovation ecosystem also focuses on corporate, start-up innovation processes and their continuous improvement, and he is an active and motivated participant in industrial digitalisation and artificial intelligence projects.